Toy Train Accessories

A book full of tinplate accessories
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Note: This is a small on-line version; to access a larger version with better picture quality look here:Tin stuff from Fred Larger version

My train collection consists mostly of rolling stock (locomotives, coaches and wagons). I found occasionally in a tin train set I bought some accessories such as a tunnel or a semaphore. I also found long ago some Kibri and Märklin stations which were a real bargain. On closer inspection, I seem to have a reasonable number of train accessories, most tin, but also some in other materials. This “catalogue” presents that part of my collection in an eclectic classification. Most accessories, not only from my collection, come from Germany. The accessories that I describe are the things that you find around the track. The rails and turnouts, rail itself, are not included here, but things like semaphores, turntables and buffers are. The index in the back can be used to find accessories via the maker or brand.