Pictures and videos of a WUNDER wonderful Pullman car

Wunder Präzisionsmodelle made a gauge 1 trainset called the Edelweiss Pullman Express consisting of a Fleche d’Or type WPc, two Etoile du Nord type WP’s and 2 baggage cars. As an additional car a Fleche d’Or type WPc is available, this I added to my collection.  The CIWL number is 4065, a WPc made in England in 1926 by Leeds Forge Co. Ltd. It is a high end, high price, very detailed model. It has full interior, including a correct interior with an oven in the kitchen. The outside doors can be opened and the light above the door can be switched on. The lights are digital controlled and the table lamps, ceiling lamps and kitchen lights can be separately switched on and off. Catalogue number is 15008-A and the length 73 cm.

The first video shows the light being switched on and off:

The next video shows it running in de Ostende Cologne Pullman Express:

And here are some pictures: