Steamliners – Streamlined Steam Locomotives

Models of Streamlined Steam Locomotives from around the world
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Note: This is a small on-line version; to access a larger version with better picture quality look here: Steamlinerslarge.pdf
This catalogue pictures all models and toys of streamlined steam locomotives (Steamliners) from around the world present in my collection. I have Steamliners in various gauges and scales of different brands. The catalogue is organised on country and further, when relevant, on railway company and/or locomotive type, gauge and maker. The index in the back can be used to find locomotives via the maker or brand. Real steamliners and toy or model steamliners were often made with a matching train, I generally show only the locomotive here.

New! A printed copy of this book, printed on demand, with hardback cover can be ordered via The price of this printed book covers the cost of the printing-on-demand service. There is no money in it for me.