Some pictures of an 0 Gauge CIWL Fleche d’Or Pullman car

The high end models distributor Fulgurex sold many Elettren CIWL cars. Around 1990 Fulgurex and Elettren split for unknown reasons and Elettren cars were sold by Lemaco for a short period. Fulgurex then had a small number of CIWL cars made by FM in Korea. These cars were more detailed than the Elettren cars but were also much more expensive. This is the Pullman car of this series. It is a Fleche d’Or Pullman car with kitchen (WPC) with number 4008.┬áThe model has a length of 55 cm and is to a scale of 1:43,5. The model is all made of brass. All table lamps and the ceiling lamps are lighted and also the lamps above the entrance doors are lighted.

And here you see this Pullman car at the end of a short Fleche d’Or: