My e-books

I made a number of e-books, i.e. .pdf files that can be read on-line or downloaded. They even can be printed and put in the bookshelf such that the bookshelf will sag.

Follow the links here-after to each of these e-books.

This catalogue contains all CIWL carriages from my collection

Non-CIWL luxury trains from my collection pictured and described

A book full of tinplate accessories

A catalogue of LNER Pacifics and New York Central Hudsons

Crane Trucks –  Any make, Any gauge, Any age

Railway Mail Carriages – Many Red Ones

Cabooses – The End of the Train

Gauge and Scale for Toy and Model Trains

Pacifics from Continental Europe 

Steamliners – Streamlined Steam Locomotives NEW!

New! This latest e-book can also be ordered (at cost) as a hardback bound printed copy: Order Printed Book (but note the shipment costs)