LNER Pacifics and NYC Hudsons

A catalogue of LNER Pacifics and New York Central Hudsons
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Note: This is a small on-line version; to access a larger version with better picture quality look here: LNER Pacifics and NYC Hudsonslarge.pdf
This catalogue contains all LNER Pacifics and NYC Hudsons from my collection. I have Pacifics and Hudsons in various gauges and scales of different brands. The catalogue is organised on track gauge. The index in the back can be used to find locomotives via the maker or brand. I started making a small picture catalogue of models in all gauges of the NYC Hudson in my collection. When looking at my NYC Hudsons I came across another locomotive type that seems to be over-represented in my collection: the LNER Pacifics. So I made a catalogue of both of these types. Of course then the German S3/6 and the French PLM pacifics came also into view, but were put aside for the moment.